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Weird and Wonderful Personalised Clock Requests

As many of you know, we specialise in making Personalised CD Clocks and have done for many years now. Throughout that time we’ve had many weird and wonderful clocks requested by our customers and so we’d thought we’d share a few details of some of the ones that have stuck on our minds.

1. The playboy model
2. The sex position clock
3. The day I met (insert celebrity name here)
4. The romantic kiss
5. The 21st birthday (with a baby photo on it)
6. The wine o’clock Clock

There are more but these stick out as great requests, or at least ones we have remembered over time.

With these items, the limit we have to making a design merely comes down to the imagination of the buyer, so to keep this theme of weird clocks going, please, please keep requesting imaginative and interesting clock designs from us and we’ll keep them coming.

Until next time.

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