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Marketing your Business using Quirky CD Clocks

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In the current climate of economical hardship, many companies are turning to more and more outlandish ways to grab the attention of possible clients and repeat business. We’ve noticed more in the way of orders for our promotional clocks with vivid and eye-catching designs. If you’re going to advertise, there’s a lot to be said for being different and distinctive. Even from a manufacturing point of view, I personally find it difficult to forget the clocks and requests that were somehow different or quirky in design, so it stands to reason that the recipients will think the same and already have your company in mind when they come to make their next order. On a related but somewhat different perspective on the same subject,I had recently been reading this post, about job applications…now, these people really know how to get noticed and there’s nothing to say that some of their techniques couldn’t be used by you to grab customer attention and secure possible future business…once you’ve got their attention, keeping it is up to you….but we can at least help with the first bit. Why not contact us and see what we can do for you and your business now, with our promotional clocks.




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