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CD Clocks Order Delivery: Free or Not?

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With our new online shop, we’ve spent some time trying to make it as easy as possible for our customers to buy what they want without any fuss. To that end, we’ve made all UK orders postage free! We currently have  minimal shopping charges for international orders, as we want our international buyers to see some benefits of being able to order from our website directly too. The question I have here is whether we have gone far enough?  Do you think we should offer free shipping to all customers for all orders, no matter what the size or value? Should there be a minimum order for free shopping or should we only take on board the costs of orders that will cost less than, say £50 to ship. Your thoughts are very important to us so we can finalize our decision with wholesale clock ordeRd. Please give us your opinions and of course, take a look at our all singing, all dancing online shop.

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