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CD Clock It’s Online Shop is now Live!

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We’ve been working very hard in the last few months to get our new and improved CD Clock It website up and running and ready for use by our customers. Well, it’s finally ready and we’d love you to take a look and give us some feedback so we know if it’s as good an improvement as we think. Our site now has a new look and feel which should bring us up to date (somewhat) and it will hopefully make it easier to make purchases directly from us rather than from our eBay shop. Our online website shop allows many more options for the items we supply. We now also have a blog so you subscribe to our blog feed or subscribe to this via our email newsletter to stay up to date with the latest information and offers from us.

Anyway, please take a look by clicking the buy clocks link in the menu bar above and of course, feel free to buy wholesale clocks or anything you like the look of in the system. To get a feel for how many people are paying attention, we’re offering a celebratory 20% discount on online orders until the end of March, using this discount code: cd25blg12.



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